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Freshman & Sophomore Business Club Membership Form


Name (please print): _________________________________________


E-Mail (please print):_________________________________________

                                    Use the email where FSBC info about meetings will be sent


Standing (circle one):   FRESHMAN   SOPHOMORE            JUNIOR            SENIOR


Were you a member last semester: (circle one)            YES                 NO


Did you sign up for FSBC e-mailing list at Cal Day or Calapalooza AND used the same e-mail as you provided above? (circle one)

                                                                                    YES                 NO


Where did you find out about FSBC? (circle one)


Flyers              E-Mail                        Calapalooza                Cal Day     Word of Mouth


Other: (please specify)_____________________________________


Note! There is a membership fee of $5/semester or $10/lifetime for FSBC

(to be circled by the Treasurer)


PAID               NOT PAID


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