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Junior Year at the Haas School of Business

The following are picture links to photo albums of my adventures taken during my Junior year, when I got into the Haas School of Business. Enjoy.

Consumption Function and HBSA

Every other Friday, Haas Business School Asssociation (our student government at Haas) treats us to a social with a keg of beer in the courtyard, where one gets a chance to socialize with professors and peers alike.


In order to become a Senator in Haas, one of the requirements is to go on a retreat with the whole group and "bond". We went up to West Sacramento, and here is what happened.


They say things look very much different at night...well, they do!


Cal v Stanfurd (as we call it) rivalry is well-known. So, me, Jeff, Andrea and Valentina decided to venture into the enemy territory to see what we are up against for ourselves.


The following pictures were taken before and during San Francisco's world-famous carnival parade on October 31st, the Halloween Night. It is definitely something worth checking out!