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Summer 2003 in Tennessee


Chief and Radge Get a Culture Shock

This photo album contains pictures of big man Graham Forsyth (Radge) and Chief Alex Souter - my best dawgs from Scotland visiting me in Nashville, Tennessee. My two Russian dawgs - Alexander from Kazakhstan and Alex (a.k.a. Shurik the dawg) who came to visit from Los Angeles are also part of this summer series.

Top: Big Alexander (our Russian dawg from Kazakhstan, currently residing in Clarksville, TN) poses in front of the Bicentennial Mall, downtown Nashville.

Middle: Big Chief (a.k.a. Alex Souter from Scotland) poses in a chair in Alexander's house backyard.

Bottom: Me, Big Forsyth (a.k.a. da Radge of Raploch) and Alex Souter pose in front of the World War II Memorial Globe, downtown Nashville

Top: This is Alexander and Graham at Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville.

Middle: Chief, Alexander, and I in front of the spinning globe, downtown Nashville

Bottom: Alex, Alexander and Graham in Clarksville, TN

Top: This is me and Amanda kicking it in Alexander's garden

Middle: This is Alex and Amanda chillin

Bottom: This is Forsyth and Barbara posing in Alexander's house

Top: This is Alec and Christa making out in Alexander's house. No comment... Alec didn't put that picture there

Middle: This is Angela and Barbara posing in Alexander's house.

Bottom: This is Alex after a terrible hangover in Rejkavik, Iceland.

Top: This is me throwin up "west siiide"

Middle: This is Alex in his traditional Scottish kilt and other attire playing his bagpipes, Alexander by his side.

Bottom: This is me walking into the house

Top: This is the catalyst to solutions and causes of all problems

Middle: Amanda, Barbara, Alexander and Angela making food in the kitchen

Bottom: Angela laughing at yet another on of Chief's "True Stories"

Top: The "Batman" building, financial district in Nashville.

Middle: Broadway Street, the music district in Nashville.

Bottom: Rejkavik's harbor and downtown in the background in Iceland

Top: Alexander at a park pointing at a freight train passing overhead

Middle: HardRock Cafe, downtown Nashville

Bottom left: Tennessee flags, downtown Nashville
Bottom Right: GayLord Entertainment Center. Inspite of its name, some famous "straight" stars have had performances there: Brittany Spears, Alla Pugacheva, Elton John... wait, never mind the "straight" thing about that last one.

Me watchin TV in the room

Me, Alex (holding King Arthur's sword) and Graham at Alexander's house

Me and Graham at a formal dinner

Alex, Graham and me at Tennessee State Fair

Me and this other girl and this other guy and this other girl posing in Memphis. Don't ask... I forgot these people's names it was like spontaneous.

Graham lighting up at the bowling alley, while Alexander looks on

Alex posing in a kilt with his sword...aye

The Chief and the Radge posing in front of a Harley at an exhibition in Clarksville.

All these pictures are overlooking the Farmer's Market and Bicentennial World War II Mall in Nashville from the Capitol Hill

Top: Me and this girl we picked up at a club on the main strip in Nashville, Tn. The Titans colliseum Adelphia is behind us across the Cumberland river.




Middle: Me and Shurik in front of one of the dorms at Austin Peay State University where they obviously know how to roll quality joints (look at the name!)









Bottom: Me and Alexander chillin on a bench. Downtown Nashville.

Left: Shurik is in front of the Jack Daniel's Saloon...of course, Tennessee being the home of the greatest whiskey
Right: This is the Batman Southwestern Bell building, which is the landmark tower in the financial district of Nashville, TN